H-3 Sea King

The potential utility of the helicopter for anti-submarine warfare was obvious from the start, and by the mid-1950s the USN was operating the HSS-1 Seabat version of the S-58 in this role – these operated in hunter-killer teams, with one aircraft carrying a dipping sonar, while the other functioning as the “killer” with homing torpedoes. However, the Seabat would only be in service a short while before the Navy started looking for a larger, turbine-powered helo that could simultaneously carry both weapons and sensors.

First flown in March 1959, the HSS-2 Sea King had an amphibious boat hull, and was powered by two GE T58 turboshafts. The Sea King began equipping USN squadrons in the fall of 1961, and the type began the SH-3A during the designation consolidation of the following year.
RH-3A: Early airborne mine countermeasures test aircraft, converted from nine SH-3As.

HH-3A: A dozen SH-3As converted to CSAR configuration for use over North Vietnam, with machine gun armament and self-sealing fuel tanks.

SH-3D: Improved model with -10 engines, enlarged tailplane, only two torpedoes. Last employed by HC-16.

SH-3G: Utility conversions without ASW mission equipment

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Sikorsky HH-3E walk around

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