Short Sunderland

Flown in RAF service as late as 1959, the origins of the Sunderland date back to 1933, when the RAF began looking for a replacement for the then-new Short Singapore flying boat. Shorts was already working on the S.23, a commercial flying boat monoplane of stressed-skin construction, and this helped form the basis for the company's contender for the R.2/33 requirement.

Prototype K4774 flew in October 1937, but soon thereafter had to have a revised wing fitted; this was necessary for CoG purposes, as it was decided that in reverse of the original plan, a powered turret would be fitted in the tail rather than the nose.

The Sunderland's ample defensive guns made the seemingly plodding flying boat far from easy prey for Luftwaffe fighters, as evidenced in April 1940 when a Sunderland crew shot down one Ju 88, damaged another, and drove off four others.


Sunderland Mk. II: First flown in August 1941; beam guns replaced by a dorsal turret.
Sunderland Mk.III: As Mk.II, with a revised hull bottom.

Sunderland Mk. IV/Seaford: Thoroughly revised Hercules-powered model with a new planing bottom and tail. Intended for use in the Pacific, the Seaford was flown for the first time in late August 1944. Defensive armament was to have been twin .50-cals in Martin tail and Bristol dorsal turrets, single weapons in beam mounts, and a pair of .303s in the nose. The eight production aircraft flew without the turrets, and these aircraft later became Solent airliners. It was later proposed to bring these back into military service with new ASW equipment to meet the R.2/48 requirement, but this was not carried out.

Sunderland Mk.V: Late war model with Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp engines. 150 built new, with some Mk.III conversions

The Sunderland was to have a long postwar career, and turned out to be the RAF's last flying boat. The type went to war again in Korea, and against Malayan terrorists, but also brought supplies to Berlin, and supported expeditions into Greenland. France's Aeronavale flew a pair of Mk 5s until 1962, with both examples ending up preserved in their country of origin, while the RNZAF kept a few Sunderlands active until the spring of 1967.


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