Seversky P-35

Competitive with the Curtiss P-36 for the role of replacing the P-26 Peashooter, the P-35 was still in limited service at the start of WWII. The NMUSAF’s aircraft is a basic P-35, although it is displayed as a P-35A.

EP-1: Swedish export version, with uprated engine and an extra pair of machine guns

XP-41: Final P-35 airframe, finished with a supercharged R-1830-19

P-35A: Swedish order commandered by the US as war neared. The P-35As were slightly upgunned, with .50-cal machine guns in the cowl positions, although the .30-cal wing guns were retained. Most P-35As (excluding three instructional aircraft and six others exported to Ecuador) were sent to the Philippines in early 1941 to replace P-26s. These were always intended to be interim aircraft pending the arrival of P-40s, and by the outbreak of WWII, only the 34th PS remained equipped. The P-35s were in no way capable of fighting Japanese A6Ms on anything approaching an equal footing, and in any case a portion of the force was wiped out on the ground at Del Carmen early on in the fighting. Survivors were thereafter picked off, with several being used to evacuate personnel from Bataan before they too were lost. A single survivor was flown by the Philippine Army Air Corps on a final mission in early May 1942.

AP-4: Prototype with turbocharger in the rear fuselage for better high altitude performance, and completely retractable inwardly-folding landing gear.

YP-43:AP-4 derived service test aircraft with the turbocharger intake in the cowling.

P-43 Lancer:

P-43A:R-1830-57 powered export aircraft for China, with self-sealing fuel tanks and capable of carrying light bombs.

P-44: P-43 outgrowth developed as the AP-4J; not proceeded with, as the larger and much more powerful P-47 was in the offing.

P-44-II: Prior to to the P-44’s cancellation, orders had also been placed for over 800 copies of an even more powerful derivative, the AP-4L/P-44-II, powered by the P&W R-2800, but this order was in place for less than a week before it was terminated.



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