SB2C Helldiver

Aircraft Anatomy of World War II: Technical Drawings of Key Aircraft 1939-1945 Paul Eden, Soph Moeing, editors p.32-33: SB2C cutaway, with a color side view photo of the XSB2C-1 with broken tail.

Walter A. Musciano Warbirds of the Sea p.217-218: photos of a pair of Helldivers in flight, close-up of the rear gun position, side-view cutaway of the SB2C-3

David Donald, editor American Airplanes of World War II p.78-81: SB2C-4 cutaway, VB-8 Helldiver color profile, SB2C-3 color 3-view
SB2C cutaway drawing Aviation February 1940 p.61

Curtiss ad, with an artist’s depiction of the XSB2C-1 dropping a bomb Aviation September 1940 p.14

“Greater Striking Power For The U.S. Navy – Curtiss SB2C-1 Dive-Bomber” Curtiss Aircraft ad Aviation February 1941

“Leathernecks Get New Helldivers” Aviation News February 21, 1944 p.18

Photo: side view of XSB2C-2 with floats Flying April 1945 p.75

Sidney P. Chivers “Taming The Big Tailed Beast” Scale Modeler May 1969 Kitbashing the Airfix 1/72 SB2C-4 into an SB2C-1C.
Photo: SB2C-5 as NACA 147 with second cockpit   Air Classics  July 1981  p.76

Photo: color shot of a postwar SB2C-5 of VA-9A FlyPast June 1998 p.84

Jack Trent “Proving the Pudding – Backing the Beast – The Curtiss SB2C Helldiver” Scale Aviation Modeller International April 2012 Includes color profiles (including one in high-viz ASR colors) as well as 1/72 scale plans. This issue also has an article by Alec Smith showing the Academy kit built as a VB-84 aircraft from the USS Bunker Hill.

Carrier Air War in Color