F6F Hellcat

Hellcat Resources:

Peter M. Bowers WWII Scale Aircraft Drawings p.64-69 Two pages of F6F general arrangement drawings, plus two pages of plans with cross sections and structural details.

David Mondey The Hamlyn Concise Guide to American Aircraft of World War II p.141-145 color profiles include F6F-5s of the Aeronavale and Uruguayan Navy, FAA Hellcat Mk.I, USN Reserve F6F-5; large color 3-view

W. Wayne Patton Aces 3, Squadron/Signal Publications 2004 p.55 color profile of a VF-11 F6F-5 flown by Charles Stimpson.

Al Adcock On Deck: USS Lexington (CV-16) Squadron/Signal Publications 2002 p.72 color profile of a VF-16 F6F-3

Robert Lawson, Barrett Tillman Carrier Air War in Original WWII Color p.173 color photo of F6F-3K drones destined for use in the Crossroads test at Bikini Atoll

David Donald editor American Airplanes of World War II ISBN 0-7607-2274-9 p.138-139: F6F-5 cutaway

Walter A. Musciano Warbirds of the Sea p.260: F6F-5 side view cutaway

Bert Kinzey F6F Hellcat in detail & scale Includes 1/72 F6F-5 drawings.

Bill Norton U.S. Experimental & Prototype Aircraft Projects: Fighters 1939-1945 p.216-217: two photos of F6F-5Es with radar pod

“Grumman F6F Hellcat Scores in Combat” Aviation October 1943 p.223

“Grumman Hellcat” Flight November 18, 1943 p.556

“Help Keep Hellcats Cool for Hot Pilots” Ad for Winchester Radiator Tubes, with a photo of an F6F in flight. Aviation December 1943 p.262

“Cushioning the Hellcat’s Landing” Ad for the Bendix Aircraft Corporation, artwork depicting an F6F on a carrier deck Aviation December 1943 p.108

“2,000 Horses and a Hellcat” Ad for the Kenyon Instrument Company, with artwork of an F6F Aviation December 1943 p.392

John G. Norris “Hellcats over France” Flying January 1945 includes a photo of USS Tulagi and USS Kasaan Bay in the Med with F6Fs on deck

Photo: F6F crashing into a CVE’s island All Hands July 1945 p.51

Color frontal shot of an F6F being readied at NAS Glenview Flying August 1945 p.63

“Hellcat Armament Shifts to Cannon” Aviation News August 6, 1945 p.26

Structural sketches of the F6F tail and canopy Aviation July 1946

Picture: Retrieving sampler boxes from F6F drone after Bikini A-Bomb test Naval Aviation News October 1946 p.16

“Carrier photo Recco” Naval Aviation News November 1946 Includes several photos of Hellcats.

Photo: Reserve F6F being armed with rockets aboard USS Cabot Naval Aviation News August 1949 p.18

“Navy uses obsolete F6F drones” Aviation Week September 29, 1952 p.17

William J. Coughlin “Variable-Stability Planes Preview Future Handling Characteristics” Aviation Week August 1, 1955 Includes details of a variable-stability F6F-3

“This Hellcat had many lives” Naval Aviation News September 1962 p.27 Retirement of F6F-5K BuNo 77722, the last Hellcat drone.

Sam Whitney “Jolly Rogers Hellcat” Scale Modeler August 1980. diorama using the Hasegawa 1/32 F6F-3 to depict an aircraft of VF-17 aboard USS Hornet.

Scale Models – Warplane Special, 1982 Hellcat 1/72 scale drawings with cross sections, undercarriage drawings & photos

Ken Brill “McCampbell’s Cat” Scale Modeler April 1982 Building the 1/48 scale Monogram kit as Lt. Commander David McCampbell’s aircraft. Includes color profiles of an F6F-3 in GSB aboard USS Princeton, F6F-3 of VMF-222, F6F-3 from VF-15.

Aerei Modellismo April 1989 F6F plans with marking detail

Flugzeug 1/1990 photo: side-view of XF6F-3 BuNo 8962

Photo: F6F-3 BuNo 08825 / N4965V Warbirds International Jan/Feb 2000 p.54-55

Mike Ashey “Detailing Minsi II” FineScale Modeler February 2005. Building the 1/32 scale Hasegawa F6F.

“Hellcat given FAA markings” Aeroplane May 2005 p.9 F6F-3 N30FG/BuNo 41930

David Francis “Navy Blue Part 2: Grumman Hellcat” The Hasegawa 1/32 F6F kit – includes two pages of scale plans. Scale Aviation Modeller International October 2005

AIR Modeller April/May 2011 preview of the F6F-3/5 in 1/72 from Italeri p.54

“That Hellcat Grin” Review of Eduard’s 1/72 scale F6F-3 kit. Military Illustrated Modeller November 2011 p.40-41

Nick Shuttleworth “The Ace Maker” Model Airplane International December 2016 Building the Eduard 1/48 F6F-5 “weekend” kit.

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