F8U / F-8 Crusader

Having gone from the height of success with the F4U Corsair to the unimpressive F6U Pirate and the unpopular F7U Cutlass, Vought finally scored a postwar victory with the F8U Crusader, the first purpose designed carrier jet fighter that was really technically competitive with its land based contemporaries.

The F4U and F7U-1 had suffered from poor pilot visibility on carrier landings, and no doubt with this in mind from the start, Vought's designers incorporated on the Crusader a two-position wing that would allow the aircraft's angle of attack to be increased without the nose having to be raised. The F8U's armament was initially comprised of a quartet of 20mm cannon and an (almost useless, and occasionally dangerous) retractable launcher on the lower fuselage for 2.75" unguided rockets.

Simple line drawing of a Vought F8U Crusader

F8U-1/F-8A: The first F8U-1s entered fleet service with VF-32 in the spring of 1957. As potent as the Crusader was, it was also something of handful, especially for pilots operating from the smaller SCB-27 ships, and losses throughout the aircraft's service life were high.

F8U-1D/DF-8A: Drone director conversions.

F8U-2/F-8C: J57-P-16 engine and ventral fin installation.

F8U-2N/F-8D: Capable of carrying four AIM-9s; J57-P-20 engine.

F8U-2NE/F-8E: Last new-build US version, with the capability of carrying underwing AGM-12s or bombs in the fighter-bomber role; J57-P-20A engine.

   The only foreign customer for new-build Crusaders, and ultimately the last bastion of the type, France's Aeronavale chose the F-8 in 1963 to replace its long obsolete Aquilons. The Crusader itself was not on the cutting edge by that time, but the French needed an aircraft sized for regular operations from the Clemenceau class carriers, for which the F-4 would not be ideal. Even then, fairly extensive alterations had to be made to the F-8 to allow slower landing speeds, including BLC, increased droop for the ailerons and flaps, and larger horizontal tailplanes.
   By the late 1980s, the Crusader's effectiveness as a front line fighter was a thing of the past for the most part, although it was still effective in a close-in fight. Arrival of naval Rafales was still a way off, and many were advocating procurement of FA-18s as an interim measure. This was political non-starter, and the Aeronavale was forced to put 17 Crusaders through a limited upgrade program to keep them operating till the turn of the century. The resulting F-8Ps had the Sherlock RWR system (but no countermeasures fitted) rehabbed radar and electrical systems, and zero-zero ejection seats.

F-8J: Remanufactured F-8Es.

F-8K: Remanufacture of 87 F-8Cs.

F-8L: Remanufacture of 61 F-8Bs.

F-8P: 25 ex-USN F-8Hs refurbished for the Philippines; an additional ten aircraft were transferred for spares.

At War:
The F-8 was involved from early on in the American combat involvement in Vietnam, with four Crusaders from the USS Ticonderoga strafing North Vietnamese torpedo boats during the first Gulf of Tonkin incident in August 1964. By the spring of the following year, US  and NVAF aircraft had begun to duel, with an initial encounter between Hancock-based Crusaders and North Vietnamese MiG-17s resulting in damage to an F-8. The first Crusader victory was scored in June 1966 - the first of three MiGs that VF-211 claimed that month. In all, by 1972 Crusader pilots claimed 16 MiG-17 and three MiG-21 kills, against three aerial combat losses, although the North Vietnamese claimed 11 Crusader kills.

F8U-3: Really a completely different aircraft despite the common basic designation, the Crusader III was a significantly more powerful design, competitive with the F4H Phantom II. The -3 was powered by a P&W J75 fed through an angled intake, and a more powerful radar was fitted to guide the type's primary armament, a trio of AIM-7 Sparrows carried semi-conformally.

Advanced Projects:

Although the Crusader was well on its way out of front line US service by the early 1970s, strong vestiges of the F-8 design were still apparent in Vought's V-1100 lightweight fighter contender of the period, this being an F100 powered machine, that had it been built, would have been easily recognizable as a second generation F-8 of sorts.
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