F-14 Tomcat Books & References

Review: Ad Adcock, F-14 Tomcat in action, Squadron-Signal Publications
Some highlights:
Scrap diagrams showing the different chin pod configurations
F-14A 3-view
Scrap views of the beaver tail configurations of early and late F-14As.
Color profiles include the second prototype, an F-14A AIM-120 test aircraft of the PMTC, F-14As of VF-11, VF-111, VF-124, and Iran, F-14B (F401) prototype, and an F-14A+ of VF-101.
Shot of an early TARPS test article with fins.
F-14A+ 3-view
F-14D 3-view

F-14 Bibliography:

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Ken Belisle "Tomcat Territory"  Scale Modeler June 1981  p.8-10+  Diorama using the 1/72 scale Minicraft/Hasegawa kit.

Larry R. Teteak  "Tenacious Tomcats" Building MRC/Tamiya 1/32 scale F-14s as USN and Iranian Air Force aircraft.  Scale Modeler  March 1982.

F-14 color profiles, including a Ferris scheme aircraft, and examples from VF-14, VF-32, VF-41, VF-103, and Iran   Air International August 1987  p.94

Photo: Close-up of a GBU-27 under a Tomcat   World Air Power Journal Vol 23/Winter 1995  p.16

Gert Kromhout  "Tomcat Renaissance" Air Forces Monthly June 2001. A look at the Tomcat in the later years of its service, as F-14s squadrons took on a strike role. Includes details of Tomcat operations in Operation Allied Force.

Photo: VF-154 F-14A taking off from Atsugi   Air Forces Monthly  December 2003  p.12

Salvatore Miraglia "A Stars and Stripes Cat" Skymodel 6/05  p.24-32  Superdetailing the 1/32 Tamiya Tomcat kit as Fast Eagle 07 of VF-41.

Review: Italeri 1/48 scale F-14A   Skymodel 15/08  p.64

Stuart Black "Fast Times with the Grim Reapers" Airfix Model World #25  Flying the F-14 with VF-101.

Phil Parsons "Seventy Second Tomcat" Review of the Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14A kit. Military Illustrated Modeller July 2012  p.33

Babak Taghvaee "Nine Lives of the Persian Cats"  Combat Aircraft Monthly October 2013  History of Iranian F-14 operations.

Carl W. Robertshaw  "Top Cat"   Model Airplane International January 2014  building the Hobby Boss 1/48 F-14D kit

Photo: large in-flight side-view of a VF-31 F-14D   Combat Aircraft Monthly  April 2014  p.92-93

Christoff Theunissen  "Swordmen's Super-Cat"   Model Aircraft May 2017  Building the 1/48 Tamiya F-14A as a VF-32 aircraft.

Bill Gunston Encyclopedia of World Airpower  Aerospace Publishing, 1980  p.192-193 F-14A cutaway drawing; p.194-195 large color 3-view of a VF-1 aircraft

David Donald, Jon Lake Encyclopedia of World Military Aircraft  p.188-189 large color 3-view illustration of an F-14A of VF-31; p.191 F-14B of VF-74 aboard USS Saratoga.

Ray Bonds Classic Fighters - The Inside Story  p.91 F-14D color cutaway illustration.

Jay Miller  F-14A/B Aerofax Minigraph #3

Includes a 1/72 3-view of F-14A BuNo 160668
1/100 scale side-views of F-14As from VF-114, VF-211, VF-14, VF-24, VF-111, VF-143, and VF-213
Diagram of the AWG-9 antenna
Photos of the front and rear cockpit
3-view of the AIM-54A

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