European Air SITREP, 19 FEB 2022

As tensions continue to mount over the Ukraine situation, there have been plenty of air movements.
RC-135U Combat Sent 64-14849 HOMER51 flew an eastern Med mission from Souda Bay.
Russia conducted its Grom strategic forces exercises, launching a variety of missiles, including an Iskander-M ground launched cruise missile, an ALCM from a Tu-95MS Bear bomber, a Sineva missile from the strategic submarine Kareliya, as well as Kalibr and Tsirkon launches. There were reported simulated launches of Kinzhals from MiG-31Ks, but footage was also available of an actual firing - it is unclear to me at this point if this was archival or of a real launch from today.
RC-135W 62-4134 JAKE11 flew a western Ukraine mission from Mildenhall.
E-8C 95-0121 flew racetracks southwest of Kiev before returning to Germany; first Joint STARS mission there in a while that I've seen.
KC-135T 59-1470 LAGR221 and KC-10 NCHO220 were flying racetracks over Romania; no receivers were visible to me. LAGR221 was also seen approaching Romania.
VIP activity included C-32A 99-0004 SAM141 and C-37A SPAR95 01-0029 leaving Vilnius, Lithuania; SAM141 stopped at Shannon, Ireland before proceeding. C-40B 01-0040 SAM376 was seen leaving Munchen.
TC-135W 62-4127 SNOOP28 departed for the US, after a stop at Mildenhall.

Reports compiled from adsb logs
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