European SITREP, 17 FEB 2022

A busy day, not surprising given the ratcheting up of tensions between NATO and Russia.
An RQ-4 flight, callsign FORTE12, towards Ukraine was aborted over Romanian airspace. Around the same time, USAF F-16s deployed to Romania, callsigns  WARHAWK and WEASEL, were active. As it proceeded south, the Global Hawk passed RC-135U HOMER49 heading for the Black Sea on its first mission of this deployment. Later on, an E-3A, c/s NATO05 was active in the area.
Also early on, a C-17 over Poland was also apparently diverted to Germany.
Two RAF Airseekers were active over Poland and Ukraine.
Ukrainian Air Force IL-76 Candid 76697 was visible as it flew to the Baltic, presumably to pick up armaments.
As anticipated, TC-135W OLIVE27 arrived at Souda Bay.
Another RQ-4 has been active late in the day, and an RC-135V was pinging at Souda Bay as HOMER51.
It has been reported that F-35As of the 388th Fighter Wing at Hill AFB, Utah have been forward deployed to Spangdahlem, Germany along with six supporting tankers.

Reports compiled from adsb logs

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