European SITREP, 16 FEB 2022

It is being reported by multiple news outlets that there were very close encounters between USN P-8 Poseidons and Russian Air Force Su-35s over the eastern Med on Friday and Saturday of last week.
USAF MC-130J Commando II 13-5778, callsign BROKE16, returned to the UK from Poland
RAF Voyager tanker ZZ337 was flying racetracks over Romania near the Black Sea coast. SABRE flt, USAF F-16Cs were also active in the area.
TC-135W 62-4127, callsign OLIVE27, flew from LIncoln, Nebraska to Andrews AFB, before launching again on a transatlantic flight. The TC-135W  is fitted out with the exterior features of a Rivet Joint for flight crew proficiency training to avoid putting flight time on the scarce RC-135V/Ws, but has also seen use as a support aircraft, and has occasionally been seen in Europe.

ALBM-armed MiG-31s

Reports compiled from adsb logs

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