European SITREP, 13 FEB 2022

RC-135U Combat Sent c/s OLIVE49 has completed its crossing of the Atlantic, passing through the UK, France and Italy before arriving at Souda Bay, Greece.
FIM-92 Stinger MANPADS have been delivered via NATO C-17 to Kyiv from Lithuania. Meanwhile, there have been several probably US-chartered private transport flights in and out, likely retrieving US personnel and sensitive equipment as the prospect of a closing of Ukrainian airspace nears.
After a period of no manned ISR flights over Ukraine, RC-135V 64-14844 c/s JAKE12 flew a mission there.
Not directly European related, but possibly connected to the rising of superpower tensions - the 171st ARW at Pittsburgh, PA launched three KC-135s this morning, which then headed for the US west coast. At the time of writing, only 59-1468  was still in coverage range, just going "feet wet" off San Francisco.

KC-135 PA Air Guard

PA Air National Guard KC-135 (not today's mission)
UPDATE: RAF Fairford is now active, with B-52s, callsign CHIEF, engines running in preparation for a nighttime mission.
UPDATE 2: Two B-52s have left Fairford and headed southwest before going dark, presumably on a mission to the Mediterranean. Shortly thereafter, three KC-135Rs launched from RAF Mildenhall, and have entered French airspace. The B-52 CHIEF flight reappeared off the coast of Portugal.

ALBM-armed MiG-31s

Reports compiled from adsb logs

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