European SITREP, 12 February 2022

There have been two instances of USAF aircraft entering Polish airspace and then turning away: RC-135 Rivet Joint JAKE11 made a short mission before returning to Mildenhall. And after entering Poland after transiting Denmark and entering from the Baltic, C-17 08-8194 REACH322 turned away for Germany. Other aircraft have seemed to enter and exit Polish airspace normally.
A group of US Army UH-60s have left Wiesbaden, Germany bound for Poland.
Hungarian/NATO Strategic Airlift Capability C-17 08-0002 has flown to Kyiv from Lithuania.
RQ-4 FORTE12 is returning after a long duration mission over Ukraine. There have been no manned ISR missions over Ukraine.
As anticipated, RC-135U 64-14849, callsign OLIVE49, after having stayed at Bangor, Maine for several days is now headed east across the Atlantic.

ALBM-armed MiG-31s

Reports compiled from adsb logs

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