European SITREP, 11 February 2022

RECONNAISSANCE/ISR: The recently deployed WC-135W Constant Phoenix nuclear sniffer aircraft flew a mission from Mildenhall to the Mediterranean, using the callsign JAKE21. RC-135V Rivet Joint 64-14844, callsign JAKE12 also flew from the UK, to conduct a mission over Poland aimed at the border with Belarus, completely avoiding Ukrainian airspace. A USN P-8 Poseidon has been active off Crimea.
USAF F-16Cs from Spangdahlem, Germany have apparently deployed to Fetesti AB, Romania.
A Canadian C-17 has made a run from Latvia to Lviv, Ukraine presumably to deliver arms.
RAF Globemaster ZZ175 was spotted departing Kyiv.

Derived from ADSB logs
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