Avro Shackleton

The last gasp of the design process that began with the Avro Manchester, the Shackleton ended up serving the RAF until the early 1990s, marking some fifty-plus years of service by four-engined Avro aircraft.

The Shackleton was designed in response to an early postwar need for a maritime patrol aircraft – this was originally known as the Lincoln 3, but emerged with an entirely new fuselage design – the Lincoln wings were kept, but with Griffon 57/57A engines mounted.

GR.1/MR.1: Initial variant, first flown in March 1949. Heavy defensive armament in the form of nose and dorsal turrets, each with a pair of 20mm cannon and two .50-cal MGs in a tail position.

MR.1A: Griffon 57As in all nacelles

MR.2: Revised nose, ventral radome, and with the tail guns deleted

MR.3: Considerably revised model with tricycle gear, altered wing, no dorsal turret, and with the capability to carry rockets underwing. Viper turbojets were later fitted in the outboard nacelles for supplemental thrust on takeoff.

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