American Locomotives An Engineering History, 1830-1880

by John F. White, Jr.
ISBN 0-8018-5714-7

An extremely thorough technical look at the engineering history of locomotives at the dawn of railroading. There are an immense number of highly detailed reproduction drawings that will be of certain use for the modeler, supplemented period photographs and illustrations. Much attention is paid to the oft-neglected materials and components that made up a steam locomotive.
Notable representative locomotives covered include:
The Stourbridge Lion, including a photo of the derived Agenoria.
The John Bull
Baldwin's Lancaster
The Norris Brothers' 4-4-0 Copiapo of 1850; included is a photo of the similar Beaver for the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago.
The Philadelphia and Reading's camelback Susquehanna.
William Mason's Phantom for the Toledo and Illinois Railroad.