The Pennsy in the Steel City: 150 Years of the Pennsylvania Railroad in Pittsburgh

by Ken Kobus and Jack Consoli
Published by the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society, 1996
A fantastic look at the PRR's operations in the Pittsburgh area. There are a great many photos showing the "Steel City" in its industrial heyday, with a myriad of Pennsy lines and facilities that kept people, raw materials, and freight moving.
Some highlights:
The second and third Union Stations, and the construction and interior of the fourth and final iteration of the facility.
The Produce Terminal, including an interior shot during the March 1936 flood.
An aerial view of the  28th Street Roundhouse, with Baldwin Centipedes.
An almost brand new T1 at Homewood.
An E8 passing the Edgar Thompson Works.
The old station at Sewickley, with the original main line that ran where Rt. 65 is now. To a present day native of the area, this looks both familiar and odd at the same time. There are also two shots of the station being moved, including one showing the building on flatcars.
The Leetsdale tower and crossing shanty, now long gone.
The massive yard at Conway, a common spot for train watching in my youth. Includes several roundhouse/turntable photos.
Lots and lots of structure photos - an absolute must for PRR modelers and those interested in the history of railroads in western Pennsylvania.
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