Review: Nose Art: An Illustrated History from World War 1 to the Present

Some highlights:

Chapter 1: Early Years and World War 1
Large photo of an AEG GIV bomber with animal mouth art
Fokker D.VII with “Seven Swabians” fuselage art
Albatross D.III with four-leaf clover
Nieuport 17 of Les Cigognes with stork art.
USAS Nieuport “Flying Fish” with scales and fish head
Color shots of preserved fabric with art form USAS SPAD XIIIs and a VII.

Chapter 2: Interwar and World War 2
Color shot of a BF110
Color photo of Ju87Bs, including one with a sharkmouth
Color shot of Spitfire Vb AB875
PV-1 Ventura of VB-135 with Donald Duck art, seen stripped in the Aleutians
FM-2 Wildcat Smokey’s Little Witch aboard USS Gambier Bay.
P-39D of the 35th Fighter Squadron with artwork of a skeleton riding a bomb.
P-40E of the 11th Fighter Squadron with tiger head art
Color photo of B-26B Pappy’s Pram
Color photo of B-24D The Goon

Chapter 3: Korean and Vietnam Wars
B-29s Command Decision, The Outlaw, Sic’ Em!, Honeybucket Honshos
F9F-2P with wings folded on hangar deck
B-57B Miss Minuki
F-4C Broken Arrow
F-105D The Mercenary

Chapter 4: Modern Resurgence
Tornado GR.1  Armoured Charmer
Buccaneers Guinness Girl, the Flying Mermaid, Lynn-JAWS, Sea Witch Debbie, Hello Sailor-Caroline
B-52Gs What’s Up Doc?, East Coast Outlaw
KC-135E Keystone Lady of the 171st ARW
F-14D of VF-31 with Operation Iraqi Freedom mission markings

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