MiG-29 Fulcrum

Walkaround of the former Moldovan AF MiG-29 at the National Museum of the US Air Force, Dayton Ohio

MiG-29 Fulcrum frontal walk around shot
MiG-29 nose gear
MiG-29 nose gear
MiG-29 main landing gear
MiG-29 main landing gear
MiG-29 walk around rear fuselage

"In Soviet Service 15: Mikoyan Fulcrum"  Air International November 1986  p.237-240+

Photo: rear view of Yugoslavian MiG-29 "White 101"  Air International November 1988  p.254

John Fricker "MiG Fulcrum: Pinnacle of the Last Generation?"  Air International December 1988. Photo coverage and analysis of the MiG-29s shown at Farnborough, plus a large cutaway diagram.

"Fulcrum Factory: Glimpsed through Glasnost"  Air International July 1989  p.42-43  MiG-29s under construction in Moscow.

Steve Zaloga "Research Data: The USSR's MiG-29 Fulcrum"  FineScale Modeler July 1989  p.42-49  Walk around photos of the Farnborough aircraft, 1/72 scale Fulcrum-A plans plus a MiG-29UB side view drawing, Fulcrum-A color profile, and camouflage diagrams.

Photo: Overhead shot of a Czech MiG-29UB in special tiger-stripe markings. World Air Power Journal Vol.20/Spring 1995 p.11

"Mikoyan MiG-33: New designation for export 'Super Fulcrum'"  World Air Power Journal Vol.20/Spring 1995  p.26-27  Includes cockpit and display photos.

"Red Stars Over Germany"  World Air Power Journal Vol.20/Spring 1995 An excellent look at Soviet air units in Germany at the end of the Cold War; includes a large gatefold of a Fulcrum-A of the 968th Fighter Aviation Regiment, and several color photos of Fulcrum-Cs.

"Bulgarian Fulcrums"  Air Forces Monthly June 1997  p.6

Andrzej Rogucki  "Poland's Front-Line Fulcrums"   World Air Power Journal Vol. 33/Summer 1998  large color photos of Polish MiG-29s

Mark Nixon "Gallant Knights"  Air Forces Monthly January 2002  p.56-61  A good chronicle of the operations of MiG-29s during Operation Allied Force.

Thomas Andrews "Flanker vs Fulcrum"  Combat Aircraft April 2002  p.138-152. Covers the competition to provide a fighter for the Russian carrier - includes several MiG-29K photos, and a 1/90th scale color 3-view of the first prototype.

Giordano Paletti "Farnborough 1988" Skymodel 16/08  Building the 1/32 Revell Fulcrum in a dramatic takeoff pose.

Jay Laverty  "Soviet FX"  Model Airplane International July 2006 Building the 1:32 MiG-29M Fulcrum-E from Trumpeter.

"Upgraded MiG-29UPGs Redelivered to India"  Air International February 2013  p.17

"Serbian MiG-29 deal nears"  Combat Aircraft Monthly July 2013

Alexander Mladenov  "MiG-29K Shipborne Fulcrum Comes of Age"   Combat Aircraft Monthly July 2013

Babak Taghvaee  "Guardians of Armenia"   Air Forces Monthly April 2014  Includes a large photo of MiG-29UB RF-92267

Photo: Belorusian AF MiG-29BM "Red 41" touching down   Combat Aircraft Monthly December 2013  p.26

Cem Dogut   "Azeri Fighters: Historic Turkish Deployment"   Air Forces Monthly  June 2015  p.12-13  includes several photos of Azeri MiG-29s

Rich Cooper, Steve Comber  "MiG Drivers"  Combat Aircraft June 2015   numerous high-quality color shots of Polish Fulcrums

Vladimir Trendafliovski  "Ukraine's MiG-29 Experts"   Air Forces Monthly  April 2007

Bob Ward  "Russian Falcon"   Review of the 1/72 Revell MiG-29S kit.   Scale Aircraft Modelling  September 2017

ALBM-armed MiG-31s arrive in Kaliningrad
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