Louisville & Nashville Railroad The Old Reliable

by Charles B. Castner, Ronald Flangry, and Patrick Dorin
ISBN: 1-883089-19-0
A history of the L&N from its beginnings - although the first train would run in 1855, it would not be until 1859 that the road began regular operations. For the next century plus, through ups and downs, the L&N would be an important link between the Ohio Valley and points south to the Gulf Coast.
Photographic highlights include:
A shot of a then-new E7 heading up the Humming Bird.
E6 776 with the Pan American, with the Nashville Union Station as a backdrop.
Passenger car photographs and diagrams.
A large shot of FP7 607 leading the Dixie Flyer.
Aerial photos of L&N facilities, including the Sibert Yard, with turntable and roundhouse visible.
J4A hauling a coal train over the Red River.
A color shot of E6 774.
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