Book Review: “X-Planes of the Third Reich: Heinkel He 162”

Designed, built, and relegated to history within the short span of a few months, Heinkel’s He 162 was one of the few Luftwaffe last-ditch wonder planes to actually enter service, although the type only became operational in late April 1945, far too late to make any type of impact. The program was driven by the urgent need to field a jet interceptor to deal with massive Allied bomber raids; the Me 262 was available, and many called for concentrating production on this type, but the -262 required strategic materials and experienced pilots – what was needed was a cheap, essentially throwaway fighter  suitable for inexperienced crews. This volume by David Myhra is a must for anyone building a scale, RC or flight simulator model of the “Volksjager” – there are close-up photos of the engine and cockpit, as well as cutaway drawings of the nacelle, forward fuselage, wing structure, tail, and gear assemblies.

Although many He 162s were destroyed to avoid capture, others fell into the hands of the Allies, and there are a good selection of images depicting captured aircraft under evaluation. I had not seen the photos of He 162 in Soviet custody before, including a shot of one example in a Russian wind tunnel. As might be expected, there were numerous plans for advanced He 162, and the book has side-view drawings of the He 162B-1 with the HeS 011A engine, the Jumo 004D powered He 162 V11/V12, the He 162B with a pair of pulse-jet engines, and illustrations of single pulse-jet models. There are also 3-view drawings of the He 162C with swept-back wings, and the He 162D with swept-*forward* wings. The He-162 was not the only contender for the Volksjager role, and there are 3-views of the Arado E.580 and Bv P.211 competitors.

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Book Review: “German Aircraft in the Soviet Union and Russia”

Luftwaffe Secret Project Profiles: A Review