Book Review: Project Terminated

A must for fans of “what if” aircraft and technology, this book takes a look at some of the major aircraft programs of the Cold War that were cancelled before production, or never even took to the air at all.

The book is divided into chapters concentrating on:
Northrop Flying Wings
CF-105 Arrow
F-108 Rapier
X-20 Dyna-Soar
F-12B Blackbird (and the RB-12 bomber version of the A-12)
XFV-12 – Rockwell’s 1970s attempt at producing a supersonic VTOL fighter-attack type.
F-20 Tigershark

Mr. Simonsen has done an excellent job chronicling the background of these programs and the reasons behind their terminations. But the real “eye candy” of the book comes in his CGI depictions of the aircraft as they might have looked in service. Starting with the cover image of an F-108 coming into precontact position behind a KC-135, we are treated to a variety of illustrations, such as an RB-49 over North Korea, RAF CF-105 Arrows, F-108s and F-12B Blackbirds intercepting Soviet bombers, an X-20B with an F-104 chaseplane, and an overhead view of a Boeing 804-4 (B-70 competitor).