Vought / Consolidated TBU/TBY Sea Wolf

A competitor to Grumman’s Avenger, the Vought Sea Wolf was somewhat later to arrive, with the first prototype taking to the air in December 1941, by which time production TBFs were beginning to be turned out. Despite this late start, the program was still pushed, given the wartime need, and the fact that the TBU, with a more powerful R-2800 engine, was at least on paper a better performer than the Grumman aircraft. However, the program was stymied by Vought’s concentration on the F4U, and thus the whole effort ended up being transferred to Consolidated, as the TBY. It was not until the fall of 1944 that production TBY-2s began being delivered, and although there were still plans to buy large numbers, production was cancelled at war’s end after 180 had been delivered.

Sea Wolf Bibliography:

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