Review: "Luftwaffe: Secret Projects of the Third Reich"

129 pages "bookazine" format, heavily illustrated with vintage drawings, plus modern artwork showing aircraft as they might have appeared in service.

Contents include:

"Covering every angle" The Arado E500 heavy fighter; includes two photos of the turret mockup.

"From Stuka to jet fighter" The Arado E570.

The AVA Air-Train

Large color illustrations of the B&V P175 parasite fighter, meant to protect long-range maritime recon aircraft.

BMW sketch for a swept-wing, BMW-028 powered design.

Daimler-Benz/Focke-Wulf concepts for a large carrier aircraft capable of carrying a fast jet bomber, or larger numbers of smaller aircraft.

Color artwork of the Jacob-Schweyer JAS P5 twin-fuselage rocket-boosted glider.

Color artwork of the Heinkel P1068.01-84 jet bomber.

Color photographs of the captured DFS 228 V1 high-speed research sircraft, with some B&W detail photos.

Profiles and artwork of the DFS Eber - a throw-away interceptor that would be towed to altitude, with rocket motors then being started to facilitate high-speed attacks on Allied bombers.

"Sabre rattling" German plans to evaluate a captured Napier Sabre II engine on a Focke-Wulf Ta 152 airframe. Includes drawings and color artwork.

Focke-Wulf investigations into flying wings.

Focke-Wulf X6 Strahlrohrjager ramjet fighter.

Gotha rammer aircraft

Postwar Horten flying wing designs for the British, including color artwork of an example in BOAC colors.

A massive 1930s Junkers design for a flying wing airliner powered by ten diesel engines.

Early Junkers jet fighter designs.

Messerschmitt patents

Me 109S with blown flaps

Color artwork of an Me 163 derivative fitted out as a W-wing testbed.

Me 262 with delta wings.

"The test subject-Messerschmitt P01-114/Me 263"

Me 163 derivatives with piston and ramjet engines