Vought VE-7

The first of a line of Vought fighters, and indeed, the first US Navy fighter, the VE-7 was started as a two-seat advanced trainer for the Army, but the end of WWI led to the line being shut down after only a few aircraft had been built. However, the program was not dead, as Vought redesigned the type as a single seat naval fighter with a Wright engine and armed with two .30-cal machine guns.

VE-7GH: equipped with an inflatable float for emergencies.

VE-7H: floatplane version

VE-7S: Single-seater, with fuel in the place of the former forward crew position

VE-7SF: single seat floatplane, used for 1922 catapult tests from the USS Maryland, and carrier trials from USS Langley.

UO-1: streamlined VE-7 seaplane outgrowth, powered by the Wright J-1. This in turn led to the twenty single-seater UO-3s, which later became FU-1 fighters, serving in that role briefly before being modified as FU-2 twin trainers.

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