Vought SBU-1

The first of Vought’s aircraft to bear the name "Corsair", the SBU-1 dive bomber originated as the two-seater XF3U-1 fighter prototype, but this class fell out of favor, and no production was undertaken. However, the basic design proved amenable for conversion to a dive-bomber capable of carrying a 500lb bomb at just over 200mph. SBUs were retired in front line service by SB2Us by the late 1930s, but some survived as trainers and “hacks” until as late as 1944.

SBU-1 Bibliography: Chance Vought Aircraft ad, with a photo showing an SBU-1 in flight Aviation February 1937 p.10

Color photo showing a group of green-tailed SBU-1s Popular Aviation September 1940 front cover

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