North American T-6

Variants: NA-16: The predecessor of the whole North American trainer line, the NA-16/BT-9 basic trainer of 1935 established the basic design that would lead to the T-6, although the NA-16 had a fabric-covered fuselage and fixed landing gear.

BT-9A: .30-cal machine guns for the pilot and back seater

Y1BT-10: Solitary R-1340-41 powered aircraft; production version not proceeded with.

BT-14: metal-covered fuselage, BC-1/AT-6 type tail

BT-14A: BT-14s with R-985-11

AT-6C: Molded plywood and steel components to save strategic materials for combat aircraft; many retrofitted later with aluminum replacement structures. RAF model designated Harvard Mk.III

AT-6D: Major AT-6 production model; 24-volt electrics. SNJ-5 was the naval version, Harvard IIA for the UK.

XAT-6E: AT-6 rebuilt with V-770-9.

AT-6F: Reinforced airframe. Naval equivalent was SNJ-6.

T-6G: Even after the arrival of North American’s much larger T-28, there was still a need for a trainer in the Texan’s class, and North American rebuilt many examples into T-6G configuration, with the R-1340-AN-1 engine, more fuel, revised canopy design, and improved cockpit. The naval equivalent was the SNJ-7. The Harvard IV, built by Canadian Car & Foundry, was a new-build Canadian version.

NA-50: R-1820-77 powered single seat export fighter, armed with two .30-cal MGs and provisions for carrying 500lbs of bombs. Seven examples built for Peru, the last of these being retired as late as 1961.

A-27: light bomber version able to carry 400lbs of bombs, with pairs of .30-cal MGs in the wings and cowling, and one gun in the rear cockpit. Siam ordered ten, but the Japanese takeover prevented their delivery, and the aircraft were instead flown by the US as A-27s. Brazil and Chile bought similar aircraft as NA-7s and NA-74s, respectively.

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