MiG-21 Fishbed

Built in larger numbers than any other jet fighter, Mikoyan’s Fishbed was, like the American F-104, the result of the post-Korea move towards simple, lightweight fighters with the highest possible performance. Predictably, changing requirements made succeeding MiG-21 variants progressively more capable (and heavy) than those before, although only so much could be done given the basic dimensions of the airframe. Nevertheless, Artem Mikoyan would no doubt be astonished to compare his original design with some of the MiG-21s flying today.

The NMUSAF's MiG-21PF is painted to represent an aircraft of North Vietnam's 921st Fighter Regiment

Variants: MiG-21F: Initial production variant, armed at first with a single NR-30 and two NR-23 cannon, later replaced by a pair of 30mm weapons. Fewer than 100 built.

Ye-66/Ye-6T/1: Ye-6 rebuilt with R11F2-300, and used in September 1960 to set a new world’s speed record. In April of the following year, having been fitted with a tail-mounted rocket as the Ye-66A, this aircraft set a world altitude record of 113,891 feet.

MiG-21F-13: Capability to carry a pair of K-13/AA-2 Atoll AAMs on wing pylons; single NR-30 cannon. Built in China by Chengdu as the J-7 (F-7 for export customers.)

MiG-21PF: As the original MiG-21Fs had little capability against targets at night or in bad weather, the second generation MiG-21PF had the RP-21 radar that allowed for use of the K-5MS radar-guided AAM. To cope with the increased weight, the R11F2-300 engine was fitted.

MiG-21FL: MiG-21PF export model, with the R1L (degraded RP-21) radar, R11F-300 engine, no K-5 capability, and a broad-chord vertical tail. The MiG-21FL finally left Indian service in December 2013.

MiG-21PFS Fishbed-D: Boundary layer control, braking parachute in tail.

MiG-21PFS Fishbed-F: MiG-21FL type broad tail; later aircraft a new side-open canopy design.

MiG-21PFM Fishbed-F: Upgraded PFM, with RP-21M radar, improved avionics, and able to carry a centerline pod containing a GSh-23 cannon.

MiG-21S Fishbed-J: R11F2-300 powered model, with MiG-21R type dorsal, RP-22 radar, four underwing pylons, and the capability to carry the K-13R SARH missile. The -21Sn variant could carry an RN-25 nuclear bomb.

MiG-21M Fishbed-J: Downgraded MiG-21S for export, with RP-21MA radar, no K-13R capability, and an internal GSh-23L cannon. The MiG-21MF was the export counterpart to the MiG-21SM.

MiG-21SMT: Large dorsal spine to accommodate more fuel, later rebuilt with the smaller MiG-21bis type dorsal as MiG-21STs.

Vietnam The NVPAF began receiving MiG-21s in the spring of 1966, initially re-equipping the 921st Fighter Regiment. Seemingly outmatched by the larger and more powerful American F-4 Phantoms it would soon encounter, the North Vietnamese Fishbed force was nevertheless to become a serious threat, as the Phantom’s BVR capability was stymied by restrictive rules of engagement, and in close-on combat, the small and fast MiG-21 was no sitting duck for the easily visible Phantoms with their telltale smoke trails.

Between the fall of 1966 and the end of Rolling Thunder, MiG-21s accounted for seven USAF F-4s, 14 F-105s, four naval Phantoms, an EB-66C, and an F-102. In the last stage of the war, Fishbeds accounted for a further 18 Air Force Phantoms, two Navy/Marine F-4s, an RA-5C, and an F-105G Wild Weasel.

During the Linebacker II campaign, MiG-21s were the only aircraft the North could employ against the B-52s raiding Hanoi and Haiphong; there were several B-52D/Fishbed encounters, but despite North Vietnamese claims of two BUFFs downed, the USAF did not attribute any B-52 losses to air to air combat, and indeed, a pair of MiG-21s were downed by B-52 tail gunners.

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