Junkers Ju 88

Easily as versatile as the RAF's Mosquito, the Ju 88 was started out as a heavy dive bomber, but ended up serving as a night fighter, torpedo bomber, night intruder, CAS aircraft, level bomber, and reconnaissance machine. The design was the result of a mid1-930s RLM call for a Schnellbomber, with the single-tail Ju88 beating out the company's twin-tailed Ju 85 proposal, as well as the Henschel Hs 127 and Messerschmitt's Bf 162.


Ju 88A-6: Specialized barrage balloon cutter.

Ju 88A-8: A-4 derivative with balloon cutters

Ju 88A-11: Production tropicalized aircraft

Ju 88A-13: Low-level strafer conversions, with extra protection for the crew, massed forward-firing weapons, and no dive brakes.

Ju 88A-15: Bomber with bulged weapons bay; gondola deleted.

Ju 88C-1: Conversion of the V7 prototype with a forward-firing 20mm.

Ju 88C-2: A-1 conversions with the 20mm.

Ju 88C-5: BMW 801D-2.

The NMUSAF's Ju 88D-1/Trop was flown by a defecting Romanian pilot to Cyprus in July 1943, with the British later turning the aircraft over to the USAAF for evaluation. Unlike many captured Axis aircraft, the Junkers was not scrapped, and after years of desert storage, the aircraft went on display at Dayton in 1960.

Ju 88H-1: Long-range recon model combining a stretched, radar-equipped Ju 88D-1 fuselage with the wings and tail of the G-1.

Ju 88H-2: Radar-less H-1 heavy fighter model, with MG 151s in the nose

Ju 88P-1: A-4 based tankbuster variant with PaK40 75mm cannon in a ventral installation, preceeded by a Ju 88A-4 conversion with a KwK 39.

Ju 88P-2: Pair of Bk 37mm cannon in the gondola

Ju 88P-3: Additional armor

Ju 88P-4: Single BK5 50mm cannon

Ju 88S/S-0: High altitude model with BMW801s and a smoothly curved glass nose.

Ju 88S-1: Pathfinder bomber with reduced gun armament, no gondola, and BMW 801Gs.

Ju 88S-2: BMW 801TJ engines with turbo-supercharging

Ju 88S-3: S-1 equivalent with Jumo 213s.

Ju 88T: Improved recon machine based on the Ju 88S

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