Junkers Ju 188

Although the basic Ju 88 would be in production and use through 1945, Junkers had been at work on an evolved version from early on. Initial development of the improved aircraft was purused as a private venture by Junkers, as official RLM interest was focused on the Bomber B program and the Ju 288. Central to the redesign was the use of a much revised forward section derived from the Ju 88B; with the new unstepped configuration, there was much more space for the crew, and would ease the planned eventual installation of cabin pressurization.

The prototype for what would eventually become the Ju 188 line, D-AWLN, was a Ju 88A-4 converted with the new cabin and was followed by a second aircraft, the Ju 88V44, with a new tail. This was redesignated as the Ju 188 V1 when the RLM gave the official go-ahead for the project, just before the Ju 288's problems led to that program's cancellation.

Overall, the Ju 188 was a distinct improvement over its predecessor design, but production would only amount to a fraction of that of the Ju 88, and the type was not to be a major player in the war.

Variants: Ju 188E-1: Initial production version with BMW801 engines Ju 188E-2: Night fighter with radar fitted and the turret deleted Ju 188E-3: Torpedo bomber with BMW 801 engines

Ju 188A-3: Torpedo bomber, able to carry a pair of weapons underwing Ju 188C-0: A-0 refitted with MG 131Z-armed tail turret Ju 188D-1: Ju 188A airframes completed with extra fuel and reduced gun armament for use as recon machines Ju 188D-2: FuG 200 radar-equipped maritime recon variant Ju 188F-1: As Ju 188D-1, but with BMW801s Ju 188F-2: FuG 200 radar

Ju 388 The ultimate extrapolation of the Ju 88 series, the 388 was started out as a high-altitude outgrowth of the Ju 188, the importance of which was heightened by the cancellation of the pressurized, long range Ju 288.

Ju 188J/Ju 388J: Fighter - three examples built Ju 388J-3: Proposed model with Morgenstern radar, Schrage Musik mounting for MG151s. Ju 388J-4: Projected variant with two BK5 50mm cannon installed ventrally.

Ju 188K/Ju 388K: Bomber

Ju 388L-0: Ten service test aircraft with cameras fitted in the ventral pannier; a pair of ventral 7.9mm MGs in place of the planned tail turret Ju 388L-3: Jumo 213E-1

Ju 388K-2: Proposed variant with Jumo 213Es Ju 388K-3: Proposed variant with Jumo 222Es

Ju 388M-0: Torpedo bomber model with capability to carry the Bv L10 torpedo; not completed

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