Fairchild C-82 Packet

The first of Fairchild's "flying boxcars" the C-82 Packet was among the first transports to be designed from the start for military work, rather than being a derivative of an airliner. The C-82's high-mounted wing and rear, truck level clamshell doors for loading greatly facilitated tactical operations. Although the end of WWII meant that a drastic cutback in C-82 production, it did directly lead to the more powerful C-119.

Had WWII continued longer than it did, the C-82 would have had a wider operational career, as North American was contracted to build nearly 800 examples as C-82Ns; thjree N-models were completed prior to war's end cancelling the supplemental production.

The "Flying Boxcar" nickname that would attach itself to both the C-82 and its C-119 descendant owed to the fact that the cargo hold had approximately the same volume as railroad boxcars of the day.

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