Douglas C-47 Skytrain

Probably as versatile an aircraft that has ever existed, Douglas' immortal Gooney Bird has hauled fighting men, airline passengers, cargo, and animals over every part of the world. C-47 military operations have included dropping paratroopers over Normandy, towing gliders, flying coal and other supplies during the Berlin Airlift, supporting operations in the arctic regions, carrying out covert missions across denied borders, flying psychological warfare and electronic reconnaissance operations, and serving as makeshift bombers in the Middle East and as gunships in Southeast Asia and Central America.

History Douglas had flown the DC-3 as early as 1936, but it would be another five years before the USAAF would start taking delivery of the military C-47 derivative. These had more powerful versions of the Twin Wasp engine, pneumatic de-icing, beefed up floor structure, and a cargo door. Douglas built a total of 965 C-47 / R4D-1s before production shifted to the C-47A, which had 24 electrics in place of the original 12-volt system. This was the major production version, with over 5,200 aircraft being turned out. The C-47B / R4D-6 had supercharged engines and extra fuel for high-altitude operations.

The C-53 Skytrooper version was intended as a dedicated paratroop transport and glider tug, and as such had the standard DC-3 flooring. Twenty-eight paratroopers could be carried. A total of 219 were built, being followed up by a single XC-53A with leading edge flaps, eight C-53Bs with winterization, and seventeen C-53Cs with enlarged passenger doors. The only other major production version of the Skytrooper was the C-53D with revised electrics.

Aside from new-build C-47s, there were also a dizzying variety of DC-3s either impressed from airline service or taken over while still under construction; these were designated as C-48 / C-49 / C-50 / C-51 / C-52 / C-58, and C-64s.

The basic DC-3 design was actually used by both the Allies and the Axis during WWII, as Japan had licensed production from Douglas in 1938; the L2D Tabby was flown as both a personnel transport and a freighter, with some examples having a dorsal gun turret. As supplies of strategic materials became scarce later in the war, wood was increasingly used where possible, and there were even plans for an all-wood L2D5 variant. The Tabby could also be distinguished from its Allied counterparts by added cockpit and forward fuselage windows, an altered cargo door, and prop spinners used with the Kinsei engines, these being copies of the R-1830 Twin Wasp.

Russia, aside from American-built aircraft supplied as aid, also built the DC-3 as the Lisunov PS-84 / Li-2. These had a cargo door on the left side, a passenger door on the right, while many wartime aircraft had defensive guns. ironically, in March 1987 a DC-3 rebuilt by Airtech Canada was flown powered by ASh-621R engines, these being Polish-built versions of the Li-2's M-62s/ASh-62s. The Polish powerplants were still in production, providing a straightforward way of replacing old R-1830s, but to the best of my knowledge this particular program did not go any further.

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