Brewster SB2A

Now almost forgotten, and probably rightfully so, Brewster’s SB2A was designed as a larger and more powerful successor to the SBA, but despite having an R-2600 engine almost twice as powerful as the SBA’s XR-1820, the Buccaneer was also substantially heavier, and ended up never meeting its performance expectations. production orders had been placed even before the prototype flew, but no USN and USMC aircraft were to see combat, being relegated to training duties, as were the RAF’s Bermudas. The projected USAAF A-34 version never saw the light of day, although some Bermuda I airframes that never made it to England were used as ground trainers.

Surprisingly for an aircraft of such little repute, two examples of the Buccaneer/Bermuda family survive today. The remnants of a handful of Bermudas remained derelict in Florida well into the 1980s, and one example being rebuilt and displayed at Pensacola as a USN aircraft, while parts of another were sent to the Pima Air & Space Museum, with the other wreckage being scrapped.

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