Brewster Buffalo

The USN's first monoplane fighter, Brewster's F2A Buffalo would be far from successful in American service, although it would enjoy a much better reputation with Finnish pilots.

The Navy was still relying on Grumman biplanes for fighter cover in the mid-1930s, when monoplane dive- and torpedo bombers were already under development, and thus in 1935 requested proposals for a new carrier based monoplane fighter. Seversky and Curtiss responded with naval derivatives of their P-35 and P-36 respectively, while Brewster put forth an entirely new design of all-metal construction. The USN did not wish to buy a rehashed USAAC design, and in November 1935 the Brewster design was chosen for procurement as the F2A. As a backup, Grumman was contracted to build the XF4F-1 biplane, although this was later cancelled in favor of the F4F-2 Wildcat monoplane.

Brewster Buffalo model image

Although the F2A-1 was approved for production, Brewster still had a long way to go in order to get its new fighter into service. The company's original facilities in Queens, New York were not well suited for large scale production, and less than a dozen examples had been delivered by late 1939, for service with VF-43 aboard USS Saratoga. However, Navy procurement was to hit a snag, as Brewster had ended up selling the type to Finland as well. As there was not sufficient capacity to fill both US and international orders, the USN agreed that 43 of its ordered F2A-1s would instead be delivered to Finland, their place being taken instead by new F2A-2s. These would have uprated Cyclone engines, armor, more fuel, and an additional pair of .50-cal machine guns.


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