Douglas Skyraider

One of the masterpieces of Douglas designer Ed Heinneman, the Skyraider was the result of experience gained from the SBD Dauntless and the abortive BTD Destroyer program, and although seemingly obsolete at the dawn of the jet age, would in fact serve far longer than all of its turbojet-powered contemporaries. In contrast with the Destroyer, with its large internal weapons bay and tricycle landing gear, Heinneman's team opted for a single-seat (although still quite large) taildragger design built around the Wright R-3350, and fitted to carry all of its weapons on external hardpoints.


XBT2D-1: Prototype; first flown in March 1945.

AD-1: Initial production variant; began equipping VA-19A in late 1946. 242 of the basic model were built, joined by 35 AD-1Q two-seater ECM variants.

AD-2: 156 aircraft with the R-3350-26W engine.

AD-2Q: 21 ECM models

AD-3: This designation was initially applied to a projected turboprop powered derivative, but was later applied to a piston powered model with a new canopy design and longer landing gear.

AD-3N: Night attack model.

AD-3Q: ECM model.

AD-3W: First production AEW model.

AD-4: R-3350-26WA engine.

AD-4B: -4 variant fitted out to deliver tactical nuclear weapons on loft bombing profiles.

AD-4L: Winterized model

AD-4N: 307 night-attack aircraft

AD-4NA: 100 -4Ns fitted for daytime missions with the specialized mission equipment deleted and a quartet of 20mm cannon fitted.

AD-4Q: ECM version.

AD-4W: AEW version. A total of 50 -4Ws were supplied to the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm as Skyraider AEW.1s; these were deployed in four-plane detachments aboard British carriers until replaced by AEW Gannets in 1960, with thirteen then being sold to Sweden, where they were stripped of their radar and used as target tugs.

AD-5/A-1E: Multi-role model with a widened and slightly stretched fuselage, incorporating side by side seating.

AD-5W/EA-1E: 218 new-build AEW models.

AD-5Q/EA-1F: 54 ECM conversions.

AD-5N/A-1G: New build night attack model.

AD-6/A-1H: Single-seaters able to carry 3,500lb stores on the centerline; three dive brakes fitted. A-1Hs from the USS Constellation were part of the strike force that bomb North Vietnamese patrol boat and oil storage facilities in the immediate aftermath of the Gulf of Tonkin incidents in August 1964; during this operation, Lt. Richard Sather became the first USN pilot to be killed in the Southeast Asia fighting, when his A-1 was downed by AAA.

AD-7/A-1J: Last production model; single-seater with R-3350-26WB and strengthened wing.

Production did not end until 1957, and attack models would remain on carrier decks for nearly another decade after that. The USAF was supplied with former Navy aircraft in the 1960s for counter-insurgency and SAR support over Southeast Asia, and these proved to be more useful than jets in many regards, being able to stay on station for extended periods and deliver massive quantities of cannon, bombs, and rocket fire. Survivors were turned over to the South Vietnamese Air Force in the early 1970s; the SVNAF had gained its first Skyraiders more than a decade previously to replace T-28s and F8Fs, and continued flying A-1s right up to the fall of Saigon in 1975.

The Skyraider ranked among the most powerful single piston engined aircraft of all time; AD pilots had to contend with a large amount of torque from the R-3350 engine and large prop. Just visible inside the cowl ring are some of the nose flaps.

Magazine Articles and Photos:

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