CSX SD40-2R 8881

When shooting trains, I’ve always kept an eye out for former PRR/PC locomotives that date back to the era when my grandfather was an engineer with the Pennsy; as the old man retired a half century ago, that’s become much, much rarer over the years. But they’re still out there, and today caught CSX SD40-2R 8881, probably heading towards Neville Island as part of a light power move. This is one of CSX’s oldest engines, built as long ago as Feb 1966 for the Pennsylvania as a straight SD40, towards the end of the PRR’s existence. It survived Penn Central, and then Conrail, was rebuilt to -2 standard, and eventually ended up with CSX after the Conrail split in 1999. Bit of a blast from the past…

CSX SD40-2R trailing CSX 777, heading light eastbound, near Pittsburgh October 26, 2023

CSX SD40/SD40-2/SD40-3s


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