F-94C Starfire at NMUSAF


F-84E Thunderjet at NMUSAF


Bell FM-1 Airacuda


F-86D Sabre Dog at NMUSAF




B-52H 60-011


A3D / A-3 Skywarrior


Grand Slam bomb


Tallboy Bomb


Boeing Model 307


Heinkel He 219


Junkers Ju86


Avro Lincoln


Martin AM-1 Mauler


Messerschmitt Me 321 & Me 323 Gigant



Ryan PT Trainers


Focke Wulf Ta 154 Moskito


Focke Wulf Ta 183 Huckbeine


De Havilland Vampire


MiG-23 Flogger at NMUSAF


B-66 Destroyer


B-52D tail turret


B-24D Liberator Strawberry Bitch


Douglas B-18 Bolo


Martin B-57B Canberra at NMUSAF


B-17 models of the Kettering Model Collection


F-100 Super Sabre Resources & References


Vickers Type 432 high-altitude fighter


North American B-1A


Northrop F-89 Scorpion


A-7D Resources & References


E-3 Sentry Resources & References


F-105 Thunderchief Resources & References


B-58 Hustler Resources & References


P-61 Black Widow Modelers’ References


MiG-25 Foxbat Resources & References


Hawker Tempest Resources & References


T-28 Trojan warbird at Cleveland


F-4F Phantom II at Pittsburgh


The Other Missiles of Dayton


X-36 at NMUSAF


First F-14 encounter


Martin XB-48


MiG-15: References for Scale Modelers


Republic XP-72


Piedmont Pacemaker DC-3


A-37 Dragonfly


T-38 Talon


The last days of the old Greater Pittsburgh Terminal


F-104 Starfighter


X-24 Lifting Body


F-117 Nighthawk walk around


Northrop Tacit Blue


B-45 Tornado walk around


T-33 Shooting Star



F-82B Twin Mustang


B-36J Peacemaker at Dayton


GC-130 Hercules Ground Trainer


F-102 at NMUSAF


C-82 Packet walk around


F7F Tigercat


F-4G WIld Weasel


C-124 Globemaster II


F-4C Phantom II References & Resources


Vickers Valiant


AC-130A Spectre gunship


C-5 Galaxy by Moonlight artwork

C-5 Galaxy references


F6F Hellcat references



Handley-Page Victor References & Resources


Avro Lancaster References & Resources


Vickers Windsor


Westland Lysander


Gloster Javelin


Gloster Meteor Resources & References


A-7 Corsair II References




F-86A Sabre at NMUSAF


B-29 Superfortress


F6F Hellcat





Hawker Hunter


Junkers Ju52


Junkers Ju 88



Messerschmitt Me 262


MiG-17 Fresco


SB2C Helldiver


Supermarine Seafire


Sikorsky Sea King


Avro Shackleton


Short Sunderland


Short Stirling


North American T-6 / SNJ/ Harvard


Vickers VC.10


Review: “Allied Aircraft of World War II 1939-1945: The World’s Great Weapons” by Chris Chant


Cockpits of the Cold War” a Review


American Secret Projects: Fighters, Bombers, and Attack Aircraft, 1937-1945” a review


Book Review: Edwards AFB: Open House at the USAF Flight Test Center 1957-1966


Air Arsenal North America: Aircraft for the Allies 1938-1945 Purchases and Lend-Lease by Phil Butler and Dan Hagedorn A Book Review


B-36 Peacemaker in action by Meyers K. Jacobsen & Ray Wagner- a book review


Book Review: “German Aircraft in the Soviet Union and Russia”


Luftwaffe Secret Project Profiles: A Review


Review: B-24 Combat Missions: First-Hand Accounts of Liberator Operations over Nazi Europe

C-119J walk around

T-33 Shooting Star

B-45 Tornado walk around

F-117 Nighthawk walk around

X-15A-2 walk around at NMUSAF

KC-135T Stratotanker walk around

F-16D Block 42 walk around

A USAF Harrier? Not Quite…


The Missiles of Dayton


LGM-30G Minuteman III


North Korean SRBM tests


US IRBM Launch from Vandenberg -Provisional drawing


A-4/V-2 Rocket