Spitfire Mk.V walkaround

Development of a Merlin XX-powered Spitfire was pushed as the RAF feared that the Luftwaffe would soon be capable of evading interception by employing high altitude bombers such as the Ju 86P. While development of the Spitfire VI was underway, an interim model combining the Merlin 45 (productionized XX) with the Spifire I airframe was created as a stopgap measure, this being designated as the Mk. V. The most produced model was the Mk Vb with the "B" wing, and this led to the tropicalized Mk Vb(trop) and in turn to the Mk Vc(trop) with the "C" or "Universal" wing and a Volkes air filter. The latter slightly lowered the aircraft's performance, but was a must in sandy conditions. The NMUSAF's MK Vc was operated by the RAAF, the Australian aircraft providing much needed air cover against Japanese air raids on northern Australian cities.

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Supermarine Spitfire at NMUSAF

Spitfire MkV tail

Spitfire MkV wing detail


Supermarine Spitfire cannon

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