RF-4C Phantom II walkaround

The NMUSAF's RF-4C had a career spanning nearly thirty years, being delivered in September 1965 and later flying combat over Vietnam. In the twilight of its career, it went to war again, this time over Iraq, flying some 172  missions. It was finally retired in May 1994.

 .RF-4C walk around

RF-4C tail

RF-4C nose

RF-4C mission markings


AirDOC No.01: USAFE Phantoms Part 1 - The MDD F-4 Phantom II over Germany  by Patrick Martin, Christian Gerard
Color profiles include RF-4Cs 72-0152, 68-0557, 68-0570 and 71-0249 / 38th TRS in various camouflage schemes

F-4G Wild Weasel walkaround