PBY Catalina

Without a doubt one of the more versatile combat aircraft employed by any nation during World War II, Consolidated's Catalina was first flown as early as 1935, yet would remain in US service for years after the war. The type was procured as a replacement for Consolidated's own P2Y.


PBY-2: .50-caliber machine guns in waist positions; able to carry 1,000lb stores underwing.

PBY-3: R-1830-66 engines rated at 1,000hp.

PBY-4: Waist gunner positions replaced by large blisters.

PBY-5: R-1930-92 engines.

PBY-5A: First amphibian version.

PBY-5B / Catalina Mk.IA: Flying boat version for the RAF.

Catalina Mk.IVA: With British ASV Mk.II radar set.

PBV-1A: Canadian-built; to USAAF as OA-10s.

PB2B-1/Catalina Mk.IVB: Boeing-built aircraft for Commonwealth units.

PBN-1 Nomad: Thoroughly redesigned variant built by the Naval Aircraft Factory, with a completely revised hull, better electrical system, more fuel, and a taller tail. Virtually all transferred to the USSR.

PBY-6A/OA-10B: Consolidated-built Nomad. 

PBY Catalina walkaround

PBY Catalina walkaround engine

PBY Catalina gun blister


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