P-26 Peashooter

   The USAAC's first operational monoplane pursuit type, as well as the first to be of all-metal construction, Boeing's P-26 Peashooter originated from the three Model 248/XP-936 prototypes of 1932. These led to the production Model 266 / P-26, flown in January 1934.

   Very much an interim aircraft, the P-26 gave the Army Air Corps a high-performance pursuit  capable of exceeding 230mph. But, the P-26 still had such archaic features as fixed landing gear and an open cockpit. Thus, the Peashooter had a short service life as P-35s and P-36s arrived, although a few in the hands of the Philippine Air Force did briefly see combat in late 1941.

P-26B: Model 266A, powered by an R-1340-33 with fuel injection

Model 281: Export version; one example to Spain, 11 to China

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P-26 replica at NMUSAF

P-26 Peashooter-frontal

P-26 wing


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