B-50 Superfortress

  Overshadowed by both its B-29 predecessor as well as the jet bombers that came later, the B-50 nontheless played an important role during the early days of Strategic Air Command, giving SAC its first really numerous nuclear-capable aircraft.

   Given the B-29's engine problems, it was no surprise that alternative powerplants were looked at from early on, with this effort leading to the XB-44, which was a Superfortress reengined with Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Majors. The B-29D production version was to have an airframe of lighter 75ST alloy, as well as a taller vertical tail. Before any could be built, V-J Day resulted in the cancellation of hundreds of Superfortresses; the design was accordingly recast as the B-50 in a political move to preserve the program as a "new" type while B-29 production was being halted.

   The last B-50s were released from SAC service in 1955 as increasing numbers of B-47s were arriving; as the airframes were relatively "young" many would serve in secondary roles into the 1960s. By far the most important of these were TAC's KB-50s, rebuilt by Hayes as triple-point drogue tankers, with underwing J47 jet booster pods later fitted.

The NMUSAF's RB-50 was the last of its kind to remain in service, testing sensors for use in Southeast Asia and operating from Wright-Patterson AFB until 1968.

WB-50D Superfortress at NMUSAF

B-50 Superfortreess engine and propeller front quarter view

B-50 engine walk around -side view of nacelle

B-50 Superfortress tail

B-50 reading:

Magazine Articles and Photos:

Photo:  "Boeing KB-50J Refuels McDonnell F-101s"   Aviation Week  August 12, 1957  front cover

Aviation Week  January 27, 1958  front cover   Overhead view of a KB-50 simultaneously refueling an F-100, RF-101, and B-66

Photo: burnt-out B-50 90326   Air Classics  February 1981  p.81

Frank Cuden, Geoff Has, Jack Morris  "B-50 Superfortress Part 1: Cold War Stopgap and Maid of All Work" Major article, including kitbashing a 1/144 B-50 using Minicraft KC-97 and B-29 kits, color walk around photos, and numerous color profiles of special purpose variants, including KB-50s, TB-50A/D/Hs, RB-50s, WB-50s and motherships.  Aerospace Modeler  Winter 2007

Newspaper Articles and Photos:

"Loaded B-50 Crash Kills 12 In Britain"   New York Times  October 14, 1949  p.2 c.5

"B-50 Crashes With 11; 9 Picked Up In Bay"   New York Times  January 7, 1950  p.28 c,3

"2 Killed In Crash, Explosion of B-50"   New York Times  July 14, 1950  p.42 c.2

"Lucky Lady II Forced Into A Crash Landing"   New York Times  August 14, 1950  p.19 c.1

"Big Bomber Hits Apartment, Cuts through It And Kills 11"   New York Times  August 14, 1951  p.1+  1 photo

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"Plane Down In Atlantic"   New York Times  August 5, 1959  p.9 c.2

"Nine Killed In Texas In Jet Tanker Crash"   New York Times  March 6, 1961  p.50 c.6

B-29 walkaround