B-18 Bolo walk around

   Totally inadequate for use as a frontline strategic bomber by the start of US involvement in WWII, the Bolo was still the most numerous American bomber at the time of Pearl Harbor, and several aircraft were destroyed during the strike on Hawaii and actions in the Philippines. This would be the closest the type would get to overseas action, and the Bolo was rapidly phased out of its original role as B-17s began coming off the Boeing assembly lines.

The availability of the surplus airframes and the dire need to provide even a measure of air cover for Atlantic convoys led to 122 examples being reworked as B-18Bs with radar and sometimes MAD booms to detect submarines. The RCAF was supplied with twenty aircraft as Digby Is to carry out this mission as well, and Brazil received two examples. B-18s carried out 11 attacks against U-boats, and sank three.

B-18 Bolo overall view NMUSAF


B-18 Bolo nose walk around detail


Douglas B-18 Bolo frontal view - "sharknose" with forward defensive gun position

B-18 Bolo dorsal gun turret extended


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