Lockheed Martin’s AGM-183 ARRW (Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon) is slated to be the USAF’s first operational boost-glide hypersonic weapon. Intended to strike time critical targets at standoff ranges, while presenting a more difficult target for advanced air defenses, ARRW is to have range of a round  of around a thousand miles. The B-52H and potentially the B-1B and F-15E would be the carrier aircraft.

AGM-183 ARRW hypersonic missile side view drawing


AGM-183A is powered by a solid rocket motor, with the unpowered BGV then separating after the boost phase. An inert test article was taken aloft under the pylon of a B-52H for a captive carry test in June 2019, while a planned booster flight test in April 2021 did not launch from the B-52 mothership. ARRW is to scheduled to achieve an initial operational capability in 2023, although that would of course be dependent on the success of further tests.