F-8 Crusader references

David Gero Military Aviation Disasters – Significant Losses Since 1908 Haynes Publishing p.110-111: details and a photo of a hangar damaged in the crash of an F-8 at Miramar in 1969

David A. Anderton “Vought’s Crusader Design Meets Navy’s High Performance Criteria” Aviation Week January 23, 1956 p.29 includes a photo of the XF8U-1 being towed by a tractor

Photos: “New Design Details of Chance Vought F8U” Aviation Week April 9, 1956 p.42-43

Photo: F8Us under maintenance, one with the aft fuselage removed Aviation Week December 10, 1956 p.55

“F8U stars in FIP Program” Naval Aviation News March 1957 p.22-23 7 photos VF-32 and VF(AW)-3 F8U Fleet Introduction program at Patuxent River.

Photos: “Navy Puts F8U Through Carrier Shakedown Trial” Aviation Week July 8, 1957 p.60-61

Scale F8U-1 plans Model Airplane News August 1957

Photo: in-flight view of F8U-1P with dive brake deployed Aviation Week September 23, 1957 p.27

“Crusader Squadrons join Fleet” Naval Aviation News January 1958 p.1 four pictures.

Erwin J. Bulban “F8U-1s Begin Duty on U.S.S. Saratoga” Aviation Week January 27, 1958 p.70-72+

“F8U-3 Mach 2 Fighter Makes First Flight” Aviation Week July 9, 1958 p.21

“F8U-2N in First Flight” Naval Aviation News May 1960 p.28 two pictures

“Photo Crusaders play Decisive Role” Naval Aviation News March 1963 p. 27 Five pictures. VFP-62 awarded DFCs for role in the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Photo: frontal view of an F-8E with wings folded and KD2B-1 targets loaded. Aviation Week & Space Technology April 8, 1963 p.105

Photo: VF-13 F-8 about to launch from Shangri-La. Naval Aviation News July 1967 p.35

“First F-8H’s to NAS Miramar” Naval Aviation News December 1967 p.10

“Rejuvenated Crusader” Scale Modeler May 1974 improving the 1/48 scale Lindberg Crusader kit

“Vought F-8 Crusader Paint Schemes and Markings” Scale Modeler November 1982 Includes pictures of aircraft from VF-211, VMF(AW)-312, VC-7 F-8C, VF-194 Red Lightnings, DF-8 BuNo 143732 of VC-8, VF-51 F-8H, VFP-63 RF-8, F8U-1 of VF-103 Sluggers.

Color profiles: F8U-1 of VF-211, F8U-2N of VMF(AW)-451, RF-8G of VFP-306, TF-8A. Air International February 1985 p.94

Photo: VAH-11 Savage refueling Project Bullet RF-8s. Air International September 1987 p.123

Color photo of two Flotille 12F F-8s in flight Air International January 1988 p.12-13

Photo: Philippine AF F-8H in two-tone gray camo. Air International May 1989 p.240-241

Steve A. Evans “Crusader – Last of the Gunfighters” Scale Aviation Modeller October 2004 building the Hasegawa 1/48 F-8E as aircraft BuNo 150926 of VF-191/USS Ticonderoga

“Naval Gunfighter” Model Airplane International August 2006 Building the Academy F-8E as a VF-24 aircraft from the USS Hancock. Includes two pages of F-8E color profiles.

Model Airplane International November 2006 Preview of the Aires detail set for the Academy 1/72 F-8E kit

Preview of the Aires 1/72 detail set for the Academy F-8E kit Skymodel 19/09 p.32

Warren E. Thompson “Last of the Gunfighters: F-8 MiG Killers in Vietnam” Combat Aircraft Monthly January 2016 Photos include a large shot of BuNo 150317/VF-53, 150853 and 150888.

Jim Winchester American Military Aircraft: A History of Innovation P.439: color profile of a VF-33 F8U-1E/F-8B

Ray Bonds Classic Fighters – The Inside Story p.253 F-8E cutaway diagram. Also included is a large in flight image of a group of VC-10 Crusaders, including BuNos 145549, 147029, and 147010.

Lloyd S. Jones U.S. Fighters: Army Air Force 1925 to 1980s p.325: scale F8U-2NE 3-view

Gerry Manning 1000 Preserved Military Aircraft photos p.20 F-8A BuNo 145336, F-8K/L N19TB, F-8K 145550, DF-8F 144427

Paul A. Jackson French Military Aviation photo: F-8E(FN) with wings folded

Leo Marriott Jets at Sea: Naval Aviation in Transition 1945-1955 includes a low-angle, front quarter shot of a Crusader prototype aboard USS Forrestal

Aircam Aviation Series: Sharkmouth 1945-1970 Includes photos of a YF-8A with large “NADC-Johnsville” lettering and a VF-32 F8U-1

Martin W. Bowman Fast Jet Fighters 1948-1978 p.77: photo showing a VF-194 F8U-2NE with gear down

J.P. Wood Aircraft Nose Art 80 Years of Aviation Artwork p.23: sharkmouthed F-8 on one of Oriskany’s catapults

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USN F-4s

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