T-28 Trojan at NMUSAF

The Air Force career of North American’s T-28 did not last long, as it was replaced by jet types, but the Trojan’s potential as a light counter-insurgency aircraft was not lost on the USAF, and in the early 1960s more than 200 airframes were rebuilt with more powerful engines. These T-28Ds Nomads were flown in Southeast Asia by US crews, the South Vietnamese Air Force, Laos and Thailand.

The T-28D is represented at the NMUSAF by a former Navy T-28 painted as a South Vietnamese aircraft.

T-28 Trojan suspended from the ceiling at NMUSAF

T-28 South Vietnamese Air Force display at NMUSAF

T-28 Trojan warbird at Cleveland

T-34 Mentor at NMUSAF