RF-86F Sabre at NMUSAF

Although predominately employed in the air to air role during the fighting in Korea, the F-86 did see limited use as a reconnaissance aircraft, with a few aircraft fitted with cameras for missions into “MiG Alley” and beyond where the slower RF-80s were too vulnerable. Postwar, a few F-86Fs were reworked as Haymaker recon machines for long-range flights over North Korea, China, and the eastern USSR. These provided coverage of these areas until types such as the U-2 became available, and were later turned over to the South Koreans. This example has been on display at Dayton in its USAF markings since 2005.

RF-86F Sabre forward fuselage detail

RF-86F, displaying the fuselage fairings for camera magazines and the painted on gun ports. The Sabre is displayed as an aircraft of the 15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron.

RF-86F Sabre

Korean War F-86 pilot display at NMUSAF


F-86D Sabre Dog at NMUSAF

F-86A Sabre at NMUSAF

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