P-47D Razorback walkaround

The P-47D “Razorback” Thunderbolt on display is an early variant of the P-47D, so nicknamed for the ridge behind the cockpit (later D-models had high-visibility bubble canopies). It is painted to appear as the Thunderbolt Col. Neel Kearby flew on his last mission, Fiery Ginger IV,  after his red-headed wife, Virginia. Recovered from the original’s crash site, the vertical tail of the actual Fiery Ginger IV is also on display. (Information via NMUSAF)

P-47D Thunderbolt "Fiery Ginger" at NMUSAF

P-47 Thunderbolt mid fuselage image P-47 landing gear image


Republic XP-72

Seversky P-35

Review: “American Aircraft Development of the Second World War: Research Experimentation and Modification 1939-1945”  Book includes TP-47 photos

“American Secret Projects: Fighters, Bombers, and Attack Aircraft, 1937-1945” a review  Book includes info on the original XP-47 concept