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Magazine Articles and Photos:

“War Horse with a Kick”   Ad for Fafnir Ball Bearings, showing an early P-51 in flight   Aviation December 1943  p.294

“Long-Range Mustang – Credit for the Latest U.S. Fighter Goes to British Air Ministry” Flight January 27, 1944 p.91 Includes two photos of P-51Ds.

“Civilianised Mustang”  Air Pictorial  February 1960  p.43  One photo of Mustang N156C.

Photos(2):  Mustangs VH-UWB and VH-FCB  Air Pictorial  April 1962  p.120

Bo Widfeldt  “Swedish Mustangs”  Air Pictorial  November 1966  p.426  Four photos (including P-51B 43-6365) and a list of serials.

Warren E. Thompson “Yellow Scorpions” (530th FBS in CBI) Combat Aircraft May 1998 p.476-481 11 photos

“Cavalier Offers Turboprop P-51 to TAC” Aviation Week & Space Technology October 21, 1968 p.69-73 4 photos

Photo: USS Altahama with P-51s as deck cargo Naval Aviation News July 1972 p.38

Martin Oliver “Mustangs Supreme, Pt.2”  Air Classics July 1972  Includes photos of P-51D cockpits, two-seater P-51 with radar antenna on wing, P-51B two-seater for Eisenhower, and P-51D N6303T

Photo: P-51D 44-72400 / N13Y  Air Classics May 1973  p.68

Photo: P-51 G-PSID FlyPast May 1987 / No 70 p.5

Photo: Mustang I AG357 with underwing rockets   Aeroplane Monthly July 1987  p.360

Photo: P-51D NL55JL Cloud Dancer  FlyPast No.78  p.49

“PAM P-51” FlyPast No.78 / January 1988 Recovery of the remains of Mustang III FX931 by the Pennine Aviation Museum.

“Type Report: Mustangs” FlyPast No.78 / January 1988 p.37-38. A rundown of Mustang warbirds in the UK at the time. Five photos, including P-51D G-BIXL, Israeli P-51Ds being offloaded in the 1970s, “Cripes A’Mighty 3rd”, CAC-18 Mustang G-HAEC in markings for the film “Empire of the Sun”, and N51J of the Fighter Collection.

Tim Campbell “Making a Warbird video”  Several images of warbird Mustangs. Warbirds International July/August 1988.

“Mustang Magnificence”  Warbirds International  Nov/Dec 1989  Includes a large 2-page photo spread of Petie 2nd / NL314BG.

Photos (3): Preserved Philippine Air Force F-51D.  Warbirds International July/August 1989  p.13

Photo: “Korean Mustang”  FlyPast September 1998  p.28

“Queensland Mustang”  CAC-18 restoration.  FlyPast October 1998  p.23

“Mustang Destroyed!”  F-AZFI crash.  FlyPast October 1998  p.26

“Swiss Mustang Crash”  Loss of HB-REW  FlyPast  December 1998  p.12  One photo.

Photo: P-51D Hurry Home Honey / NL3751D  Warbirds International  October 2000 p.10

“The Way They Were: ANG Mustangs”  Photo report on postwar F-51Ds.  Warbirds International  October 2000  p.34-35

“Scratched Off Command” Aeroplane September 2004  p.24-29. Details the midair collision of an RAF Mustang IVA with an American P-51B. Several photos, one large color artwork.

Scale Models:

1/72 scale views, with markings, of an RAF Mustang IIIB. Airfix Magazine October 1966 p.55

Ken Brill “Pacific Escort” Scale Modeler October 1979. Building the Monogram 1/48 scale P-51D as a 21st Fighter Group aircraft.

“Workbench Reviews: Red Baron “Michelob Light” RB-51 in 1/72 scale from High Planes Models” FineScale Modeler April 2005 p.64-65.

Alfonso Martinez Berlana “CBI Mustang” FineScale Modeler May 2005, p.50-51. Building the Accurate Miniatures P-51A as an Air Commando aircraft in the China-Burma-India theater.

Chris Wauchop “Dallas Pony”  Military Illustrated Modeller July 2012, p.36-43  A very detailed look at building the 1:32 scale Tamiya P-51D.

Preview: P-51D in 1/32 from Zoukie-Mura   Model Airplane International October 2012



The Encyclopedia of Aircraft of WWII. General Editor, Paul Eden
Highlights: Photo: The RAF’s sole A-36
Color 3-view, P-51C Ina the Macon Belle of the Tuskegee Airmen’s Buddy Archer
Profile: P-51K Nooky Booky IV of Captain “Kit” Carson, 362nd FS

3-view Mustang Mk.I AM101 of No.226 Squadron
Profiles: A-36A Pat 42-83803, 522nd FBS, A-36A 42-83901 Dorothy Helen 524th FBS, Mustang Mk.III FZ149 of No.306 Squadron – Fly. Sgt W. Nowoczyn, top Mustang V-1 killer.

P-51C walkaround

Review: “American Aircraft Development of the Second World War: Research Experimentation and Modification 1939-1945”

A-36 walk around

357th Fighter Group

F-82 Twin Mustang

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