Grumman Avenger Modelers’ References

“TBM Carries Rescue Gear” Naval Aviation News November 1945 p.20 Conversion of TBM-3s at NAS Kaneohe for SAR missions.

Photos: TBM-3 with APS-20 radar as radar picket/AEW aircraft; 1 overall, 2 closeup. Naval Aviation News April 1946 p.1

Photo: surplus TBM crash into a barrier as part of a crash harness test. Naval Aviation News December 1946 p.7

Photo: Avenger making 22,000th landing aboard FDR. Naval Aviation News November 1949 p.23

“Pilot Makes Like Monkey” TBM-3S acident aboard escort carrier USS Palau Naval Aviation News May 1950 p.23

Photo: TBM-3S modified bomb bay carrying twelve sonobuoys rather than the previous standard of six. Naval Aviation News May 1950 p.33

“Turkeys now Transports” Naval Aviation News July 1951 p.25 3 photos.

“Bunyan’s Bug Bombers” Covers the operation to create artificial watering holes for Caribou in Minnesota by dropping bombs from USNR aircraft based at NAS Minneapolis. Includes a photo showing a TBM being loaded with a 2,000lb bomb. Naval Aviation News September 1951 p.29

Photo: Hulk of TBM HP-267 of Aeroquimica. Air Pictorial May 1970 p.164

Frank A. Tinker “Old Warbirds Fight On” Air Classics May 1973 Includes several photos of Avengers used as retardant bombers, including aircraft N7849C.

Photo: TBM N9564Z hulk Air Classics March 1979 p.14

Photo: TBM N6827C Air Classics March 1979 p.16

Photo Sequence: Loss of TBM-3E BuNo 91556 aboard USS Tarawa. Air Classics June 1979 p.24

Howard Levy “Bush’s Baby” Aeroplane Monthly August 1989 p.482-484. Covers the restoration of a TBM-3E to VT-51 markings. Includes photos of the aircraft as borate bomber N90787

Photo: TBM-3Es N9590Z and N9927Z as fire bombers in red/white paint. Warbirds International May 2000 p.54-55

Photo: TBM-3 N4172A Warbirds International May 2000 p.56

“Cavanaugh Avenger” Restored TBM-3E BuNo 86280/N7219C Warbirds International September 2000

Craig Justo “Warbird Reborn! A TBM Metamorphosis” Classic Wings issue 56

Photo: large color side-view of TBM-3U N3967A as a spray aircraft Warbirds International June 2014 p.62-63

Grumman Avenger torpedo bomber model

Scale Models
“Navy Avenger” Scale Modeler July 1981 p.44-49+ Building the Combat Models 1/32 scale vacuform kit.

“Workbench Reviews: Trumpeter’s 1/32 scale Avenger” FineScale Modeler May 2005 p.58-59. A review of the 1/32 TBF-1C kit.

“Rejuvenating an Old Frog – Gary Hatcher Breathes New Life into a Grumman Avenger” Scale Aviation Modeller International December 2006

Frank Cuden “Keeping an Avenger in reserve” FineScale Modeler October 2015 p.41-43 The Hasegawa TBM-3S as a New York-based reserve aircraft


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