Book Review: “357th Fighter Group”

James Roeder “357th Fighter Group” 64 pages, softcover.
An excellent history of the 357th, which scored 701.5 victories over German aircraft (including 18.5 against Me 262s) in less than a year of combat. Extensive period photos include many named aircraft and nose art.

Aircraft depicted include:
P-51Bs Pregnant Polecat, Baby Mike, Sebastian, Daddy Rabbit, Miss Marvel, Chicago Gun Moll, and Old Crow.
P-51Ds Nooky Booky II (44-13316), Nooky Booky III (44-14896), Frenesi (44-13318), Passion Wagon (44-13691),  Elixir! (44-63861), Reluctant Rebel (44-13712), John Storch’s The Shillelagh (44-63164), Buffalo Belle (44-13334)

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